When disaster strikes the last thing you want is to have to fight with your insurance company. That is where we come in. You have entered into a contract, purchased a policy from your insurance company and faithfully paid premiums for years and now your insurer has refused to pay, underpaid, or refused to honor their contract with you. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling insurance disputes from examining and analyzing the policy to ensure each and every right for which you paid is put forth, through trial and even appeal. Insurance coverage is a complex area of law with an interplay between your insurance policy, state administrative regulation over the insurers, and the rules and procedures of the court system.
When disaster strikes, let our experienced attorneys handle the claims process while you focus on recovery.
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Insurance Claims & Disputes

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling insurance disputes.
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Residential Property Claims
A pipe break, wind damage, or even fire. So many things can happen to your home that can result in losses of hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands or more in damage. When you are trying to get life back to normal, the last thing you want is a fight with your insurance company. So many elements go into a residential claim: hotel and alternative living expenses, emergency repair and mitigation costs, personal property costs, and ultimately rebuild and reconstruction. Insurance policies can provide a lot of coverage for the losses suffered as a result of a residential property claim. Let us help you ensure that your rights are protected under the policy and you are compensated for your loss accordingly.
High-Rise & Multi-Family Property Claims
In Florida high-rise buildings can create some of the most iconic skyline views, but they are also among the most susceptible to casualty losses, be it wind, fire, flood, or otherwise. High-rise building claims often involve complex issues not only with insurance coverage but in putting the pieces together to figure out where and more importantly how damage occurred. GD&C has experience litigating high-rise claims and utilizes a team of experts in investigation and damages in order to ensure that the facts of the claim are brought to light fully and completely. The insurance practice group at GD&C has the experience and resources to fit together the puzzle pieces of complex high-rise building claims to ensure your rights as an insured are protected. If your high-rise building has suffered a loss, let our team of attorneys take the burden of handling your claim.
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Carrier Bad Faith Claims
Not all insurers engage in business practices that we would want them to utilize. Sometimes those business practices are bad enough to run afoul of Florida’s bad faith laws. Designed to ensure that the insurance companies comply with minimum standards for acceptable practices, bad faith claims are a way to address undue delay, failure to settle claims, and other issues that an insurer may create to the detriment of the insured. A bad faith claim seeks a remedy above and beyond what may be owed under the policy alone, and as such comes with a number of technical requirements. If you think your insurer has engaged in practices that may give rise to a bad faith claim, the attorneys in the insurance practice group at GD&C are here to guide you through the process and give your bad faith claim the best chance for success.
Premises Liability and Injury Claims
Having someone injure themselves on your property can be a scary experience. Your liability insurer should stand behind you. If your insurance company is failing to live up to their end of the bargain whether it is denying a claim, failing to defend, failing to settle, or whether you just want to know your rights under your insurance policy, our attorneys are able to provide guidance in these situations to ensure that your insurer is doing what they contracted to do. If you believe your insurer may not be handling your liability claim appropriately, let us help you get things pointed in the right direction.
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Commercial Property Claims
Commercial claims often involve complex insurance policies and complex property. When you suffer a loss covered by your commercial insurance policy, our attorneys are here to help. With extensive experience handling commercial claims and the challenges that come with them, the GD&C insurance claims practice group will assist your company with clear guidance and position your claim for the best chance at success.
Hurricane Claims
Our team of attorneys at GD&C has handled hundreds of hurricane damage claims throughout Florida and is familiar with every aspect of these claims from the initial investigation to trial and appeal.
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