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The attorneys of GD&C provide our clients with professional, high quality, experienced representation in a broad range of matters including community association law, real estate, commercial litigation, estate planning, probate, corporate and business law, banking and financial services, family law, insurance coverage and carrier representation, personal injury, medical malpractice, class actions, and mass torts.
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Meet Our Attorneys

John C. Goede | GD&C Florida Attorneys

John C. Goede

Co-Founder/Shareholder - Naples Office

Fort Myers Attorney Richard D. DeBoest, II | Florida Attorneys Goede, DeBoest & Cross

Richard D. DeBoest, II

Co-Founder/Shareholder - Fort Myers Office

Brian O. Cross | GD&C Florida Attorney

Brian O. Cross

Shareholder - Naples Office

GD&C Law of Counsel Stanley A Bunner | Florida Attorneys Goede, DeBoest & Cross

Stanley A. Bunner, Jr.

Of Counsel - Naples Office

Bartley Fouchard Of Counsel At Gadclaw | Florida Attorneys Goede, DeBoest & Cross

Bartley Fouchard

Of Counsel - Naples Office

Naples Attorney Lauren G. Matta-Burke | Florida Attorneys Goede, DeBoest & Cross

Lauren G. Matta-Burke


Valerie L. Lord


Legal Help and Knowledgeable Guidance

The attorneys of Goede, DeBoest & Cross have one mission: to achieve an outcome with a cost effective solution. This means working strategically and expeditiously on your behalf. And it’s our pleasure.