Complex commercial litigation is broadly defined, but generally involves multiple parties, multiple claims, and multiple remedies being sought by each party in a single or multiple related lawsuits. Complex commercial litigation can span several months or years and separately represented parties can each have one or more claims against some or all of the other parties and each claim may involve numerous witnesses and mountains of evidence. Often, complex commercial litigation involves large companies and high amounts in controversy where a win or loss can be a pivotal moment in a company’s lifespan; however, these cases can also bring in smaller actors who need to find a quick way out after becoming embroiled in a bitter dispute between larger players. When cases reach this level of complexity, only the most savvy and talented litigators will be able to effectively guide you to a successful resolution.
At GD&C there is no “one size fits all” solution. Our attorneys combine their decades of experience and skill in the courtroom with creativity and adaptability to find the optimal resolution for our client’s disputes. We work closely with our clients at all stages of litigation and build relationships throughout the process, and once we are able to truly understand our client and their objectives and needs, out of the complexity we design a straightforward and clear plan tailored to our client’s specific needs and desires.
Whether there are two parties or twenty, or the controversy is over $100 or $100,000,000, we make complex simple. Get in touch with us to learn more.


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