Let’s be realistic, at some point every landlord is faced with a tenant who has damaged the leased premises. Or causes stress to neighbors. Or can’t pay. Or simply won’t pay.
Beyond the emotional frustration, this situation has dollar signs attached to it. An ill-designed, self-help solution comes with a price tag and the real risk of liability, particularly because self- help for a landlord, is prohibited under Florida law. This limitation makes being pro-active well worth the effort. This is especially true when you consider the fact that landlord-tenant law is deceptively complex. Only a licensed Florida attorney, like the accomplished team at GD&C, can help put the law on your side.
As your guide, it is our goal to give you the tools necessary for a smooth rental experience. We draft leases that help clearly define each party’s obligations, including what happens when problems arise. We help strengthen communication between you and your tenants, as good relationships lessen the likelihood of problems escalating. And, if necessary, we encourage the decision to begin the eviction process sooner rather than later. This does not necessarily mean filing suit, but it does mean protecting your interests by acting in accordance with the law and in a timely manner.
At GD&C, we also understand your main objective is to solve any tenant issue expeditiously and cost effectively. With our guidance, we can assist you in reaching this goal.


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