Estate planning is far more comprehensive than drafting estate planning documents. At GD&C, we have attorneys to facilitate multiple facets of estate planning, including wills & trusts, guardianship law, elder care planning, probate and trust administration, as well as trust and estate litigation.
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Wills, Trusts & Estates

Strategic estate planning that offers a comprehensive review and analysis of your needs and assets.
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Wills & Trusts

Our strategic estate planning process balances sensitivity, wisdom and care to perform a comprehensive review and analysis of your specific needs. The result is an approach which best suits your personal circumstances, assets, and interests to protect your loved ones. From a straightforward last will and testament to revocable trust agreements to complex trust and partnership relationships, our skilled team designs and drafts all necessary documents and structures the right way, the first time. We’ll also serve as your experienced counsel regarding Florida law to provide an effective power of attorney, health care surrogate, declaration of domicile, guardian designation, and living will.
Guardianship Proceedings
Guardianship law is a process where the court appoints an individual to take care of the physical and financial needs of an incapacitated adult or minor child. If a person is unable to handle financial assets, make medical decisions, or enter into necessary contractual relationships, guardianship is intended to provide oversight and professional guidance. Guardianship, however, can also require medical examinations and complicated hearings and it is important that you have the necessary legal guidance to ensure that these protections are both necessary and carried through.
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Probate & Trust Administration
Probate and trust administration is a legal process to carry out the terms of a will or trust. The process typically begins following the death of the individual signing the will or trust, and the administration itself can last for a few weeks or generations depending on the terms and complexity of the documents. The personal representative of the estate, or trustee of the trust, works closely with legal counsel of their choice to address any necessary court filings, tax documents, and assets transfers. At GD&C, our attorneys are ready to partner with you to navigate the easy and difficult decisions, whether for weeks or generations.
Trust & Estate Litigation
The unfortunate reality is that probate and trust administration can be an emotionally charged process. Although a well-crafted estate plan can be defended, it does not insulate the plan, personal representative or trustee from potential challenge or legal action – rightfully or wrongfully. Whether you want to challenge a wrongful act or whether you are charged with defending an estate or trust, the diversity at GD&C provides the necessary backgrounds and experiences to address any possible litigation or claims surrounding the administration of an estate or trust. Our team pursues a results-oriented solution that seeks to avoid protracted disputes and litigation, but also stands ready to partner with our clients when necessary to vigorously pursue their interests.
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