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Board prohibits videos from being published to social media websites

Q: My local HOA Board of Directors adopted a rule that states at a Board of Director meeting that the meeting can be recorded only if the person recording announced that they are going to record and that the videos cannot be published or uploaded to social media websites after recording. Is this legal to prohibit uploading of the video to a social media website like YOUTUBE, Nextdoor etc. and under what authority can this be enforced.

D.H., Stuart

A: Owners have the right to video and tape record Board meetings and members meetings. However, the Board can adopt reasonable rules regarding how this can be done. A rule that requires a person to announce they are recording before they start is reasonable and enforceable. Whether or not the Board can enforce a rule prohibiting the uploading of the video to social media is much less clear. This is a cutting-edge issue in this day and age and pits free speech rights against a person’s right to privacy. There is no law that presently prohibits what a person can do with such a recording. So, at this point absent a court decision or statutory change I do not believe the Board can enforce such a rule.

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