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Our Treasurer is not a director and was not elected by the owners. Is this a problem?

Q:     Our Treasurer has done an admirable job, but she is not a Director and was not elected by the owners. Is this a problem?

A.T., Naples

A:     No, this is most likely not a problem. The answer to this question requires a review of your specific community documents. This issue is generally addressed in the Bylaws, and most documents require the President to be a Director, but many documents allow the Board to elect officers that are not Directors. For example, you may have a very accomplished CPA in your community that wants to volunteer with respect to the budget and finances but does not have the time to commit to the other Board duties. In this situation, the Board could elect the Treasurer, but the Treasurer does not need to be a Director.

Again, this is document specific and your community documents may very well require all Officers to also be Directors.


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