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What Happens if a Director Refuses to Become Certified?

Q: At a seminar it was explained that state statutes require that new elected Directors certify that they have read all the condo/HOA Documents or attend an approved seminar. My question is: If a newly elected Director does not or will not sign a certificate or attend a seminar, which is in violation of state statutes (I assume), what are the ramifications and what recourses are there?

S.W., Vero Beach

A.  Both Chapters 718 (Condo) and 720 (HOA) of the Florida Statutes provide that if a Director does not take a certified course or sign the affidavit within 90 days of being elected, he or she is automatically suspended from the Board. If that happens the Board is required to appoint a temporary replacement until the person complies with the law.


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