GD&C’s roots run deep when it comes to condominium and HOA law. And every day since our inception, we’ve served as counsel, advocate, and partner to association boards across the state of Florida.
We consider it a privilege to advise on all legal general matters, basing our success on an unwavering commitment to efficiency, responsiveness, and legal value.
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Assessment Collections
GD&C has established itself as one of the industry leaders to effectively resolve a high volume of collection matters. We are acutely aware that a high delinquency rate can have a catastrophic effect on any community, which is why our team of professionals is dedicated to working tirelessly to collect amounts due as quickly as practicable.
Construction Defects
GD&C’s team of litigation professionals has one goal: to resolve your claim and maximize your recovery in the most expeditious, efficient, cost-effective manner possible. And we are driven to stay abreast of the ever-changing complexities of condominium and HOA­ related construction defect law.
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Covenant & Rule Enforcement
We routinely teach webinars and educational seminars on how to properly levy fines or suspensions. We are able to draft new rules and/or amend existing rules to help effectuate a desired goal. And, if necessary, we stand ready to represent our clients in arbitration or litigation to enforce violations.
Developer Turnover
Engage the right experts to provide you with a detailed analysis on the health and condition of what is being “turned over” to you and the developer may be responsible to cure any deficiencies. It is also critical to make sure you have a strong partnership with your legal team to advocate for you in this process.
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Disaster Recovery & Insurance Disputes
Florida provides a plethora of natural disasters that can impact your community. Although some of our clients are prepared when the disaster arrives, few are equipped or able to immediately handle the aftermath. It is important that you partner with the right legal team to provide effective legal counsel because you will be presented with novel challenges.
Document & Rule Drafting
The “governing documents” in a community are typically comprised of a Declaration of Covenants (of Declaration of Condominium), Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations. These documents effectively create a contract and each community’s contract is different, drafted by different counsel, drafted under different statutes, and interpreted differently between communities and even between different Directors on the same Board of Directors.
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Fair Housing Laws & Accommodations
Our Firm has significant experience handling questions and disputes involving the federal Fair Housing Act (the “FHA”) and Americans With Disabilities Act (the “ADA”) in connection with residential and commercial properties, as well as in condominium and homeowners’ associations.


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