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When should our Condominium Board Hold an Annual Meeting?

Q:      We are the middle of the summer and our condominium has still not had its annual meeting and election of Directors.  In years past, the meeting and election always occurred during season when there were the most residents living here.  Isn’t it true that the election must take place every 12 months?  -A.R., Sebastian

A:       The election should take place at the annual meeting and the statutes defer to the bylaws for calling an annual meeting.  For example, some bylaws provide that the annual meeting must take place in March or in the first quarter of the calendar year.  However, if the bylaws are silent the annual meeting can take place during the calendar year and does not need to follow a strict 12 month deadline.  I recommend having your community’s bylaws reviewed by legal counsel to determine whether the annual meeting is taking place as required by Florida law.


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