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Should our attorney review the holiday lights contract?

Q:   I’m on the board of a condominium, and we want to hire a company to put up holiday lights and decorations around the community.  Should we have our attorney review the contract? It’s only for $1,500.

E.D., Port St. Lucie


A:        This is a question that we routinely receive from our community association clients around the holiday season, as well as in connection with any contracts where the amount of the contract isn’t a significant amount.  Our advice with regard to any contract, no matter the amount of the contract or the services that are being performed, is to have the contract reviewed by an attorney.

There are many terms in a contract that can become quite costly for an association if they aren’t negotiated.  For example, a majority of contracts that we review from vendors do not require the vendor to have liability insurance or worker’s compensation insurance, and in the event there is no requirement in the contract for the vendor to carry insurance and the vendor doesn’t carry any insurance and one of their employees slips and falls while on the job at the community, then that employee will most likely file a lawsuit against the association. Therefore, we recommend that the association has all of their contracts reviewed by their attorney.

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